Butterscotch has represented some of the most prominent estates of the surrounding NYC area, including:

  • The estate of noted Archeologist Dr. William Duncan Strong
  • The prominent collection of the late Preston R. Bassett
  • The deceased parents of Stephan and Herbert Sondheim
  • Gurdjieff Foundation, Armonk NY
  • Former Ambassador to Morocco, Amb. Joseph Verner Reed
  • Messmore Damn, Inc. - Builders and designers of exhibits and displays for 75 years, NYC
  • Count and Countess Adolph de Hoernle of Bronxville, NY
  • Carl & Rubin Goldmark, noted American Composers
  • Numerous museums (names available upon request)

Chinese Stem Vase from the collection of Ambassador Joseph Verner Reed, Jr. sold for $13,000 in 2010