Looking to Consign?

Over our 30 years of business we have endeavored to make the process of consignment as straightforward and easy as possible. We give free in-home consultations and charge no extra fees for storage, pickup, photography, insurance, cataloguing, etc. Our only fee is a flat commission rate, which is based on the value and size of the consignment.  

What sets us apart from larger auction houses is a level of serviceability that can't be found elsewhere. We sell all items of value from jewelry, paintings, and furniture, to cars, couture, and Asian and ethnographic works of art. Over the years we have developed a large following of buyers in the Northeast and regularly sell to buyers in Europe, Asia, and South America. With our online catalogs averaging 100,000 page views per sale, and mailing lists numbering in the tens of thousands, our exposure is quite extensive. Rest assured, if there is a market for it, we will find it.  

To start the consignment process call us at 914-764-4609 or email photos to consign@butterscotchauction.com.

For more details on consigning, see Our Services